• DS2 International Ltd. facilitates joint ventures, with activities in China, Singapore and Israel.

    DS2 in China: Moving from "Made in China" to "Invented in China"


    DS2 International Ltd. facilitates joint Chinese-Israeli ventures, bringing innovation and economic growth to China (and the Asia-Pacific) and creating a bridge for Israel startups to the Chinese market.

    DS2 International enables effective collaboration between Israeli hi-tech entrepreneurs and the Chinese market in the form of joint ventures, a structure that enables mutual enrichment - Israeli ideas develop and grow in the fertile soil of China, injecting innovative new ideas, development, production and sales into the Chinese economy – bringing jobs, economic growth, development and capital gains to China as well as reflecting positively on the Israeli counterparts of the business. Read more about who we are and the DS2 service offering.

    Being "cheaper than" is not good enough anymore…

    For more than two decades China has been driving gross domestic product growth rates of more than 10 percent a year, mainly by exports and on-going state-funded investments, especially in infrastructure such as roads, airports and industrial development zones. It seems that these methods of growth have been exhausted (or are nearly exhausted) and there fears that the crisis in the Eurozone, China’s biggest trade partner, may slow Chinese sales there as well.
    The Chinese government has forecast 7.5 percent GDP growth this year, in a bid to lower public expectations after decades of double-digit growth.
    The government recently began implementing a new policy direction: moving from "Made in China" to "Invented in China" and in 2011 China surpassed both Japan and the US in terms of number of patents fillings. China’s emergence as a research powerhouse is producing increasingly attractive and important prospects for foreign investment and collaboration in the field R&D. An increasing number or multinationals are setting up R&D centers in China and the numbers of R&D centers in China owned by foreign companies have now surpassed 1200.

    This policy direction has created fertile soil for Israeli ideas to grow in China, leveraging Israeli creativity to build new corporations, joint ventures that create jobs and enrich the economy. This positive collaboration is mutually beneficial for both Israelis and Chinese. Resource rich China can provide Israeli entrepreneurs opportunities that are unavailable in Israel. Israeli creativity can kick-start innovation, research and development etc. supporting the desired long term economic growth in China. This powerful combination can, down the line, be a game-changer in the world economy.

    The days of being the world’s cheap workshop are over for China - being cheap just isn’t good enough anymore - some other country can always be cheaper, competing by lowering costs. This by itself is unsustainable as a long term vision of a nation. Better to compete on "smarts", on innovation, design and inventions — these are things that can deliver lasting value. But they are difficult to execute.
    China’s leaders have taken the leap, looking to the future and choosing to emphasize innovation as a policy - a cornerstone of the new five year plan. National attention and resources are lined up behind this goal, with focus and urgency. Chinese inventors and companies are as determined as their government to make innovation a key attribute of a developing China. In this atmosphere DS2 International has stepped in, offering the China-Israel connection, creating a bridge between Chinese and Israelis, creating a bridge between potential and the future. DS2 is supporting the creation of new, technology driven growth engines by facilitating collaboration and establishing mutual business structures with Israeli entrepreneurs and Chinese investors. 

    Read / download the DS2 Executive Summary (English)